Overview of the Service

The Open Data Service exists to make available linked data about the University of Oxford. These data can then be re-used by consumers both within and without the University to integrate into services that require institutional data, and aggregated to provide cross-institutional services.

The Open Data Service does not own or maintain datasets; it is a platform for (re-)publishing data that already exist in other systems. The value comes in providing links between datasets and providing standardised APIs for querying the data within them.


We’re primarily concerned with public or university-internal institutional data;

  • data to which the public can be granted access (it is non-sensitive, e.g. which is already published on University websites), or
  • which may may be accessed without restriction by members of the University

and which:

  • is relevant to planning, managing, operating, or auditing a major administrative function of the university, or
  • is required for use by more than one organizational unit.

For now we’re excluding research data, and metadata about research outputs. If you’re interested in such things, have a look at the Oxford University Research Archive and the University’s DataBank service.

Service status

The Open Data Service was offered as a beta service, and is no longer under active development. We won’t add new datasets and functionality. Existing datasets will continue to be supported and maintained. Any future planned change to this will be discussed with service users in advance.

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